We are glad that you are interested in learning more about the Central Minnesota Catholic Worker. We are excited about the possibilities that exist and look forward to connecting with a variety of people to develop and sustain our Catholic Worker Community. As you browse the website, we invite you to think about ways that you could live in solidarity with those in our midst who are needing support along their journey. Know you are invited to pray with us, take part in our activities and be aware of the issues around us.

Dorothy Day commented that, "the final word is love." May we do what we can to live this out more fully in our local community and world.

The Latest

by LKragtBakker, Dec 09 2014

In advance of the torture report, a liturgy (adapted by Diana Butler Bass from an Iona liturgy, "Arming the War Machine," in Paynter & Boothroyd, "Holy Ground").

by LKragtBakker, Dec 05 2014

Dear God, Heal all that is broken in our hearts, in our streets, and in our world. Give us eyes to see your image in every human being. Help us interrupt the patterns of injustice, and get in the way of everything that destroys life. Give us imagination -- not to accept the world as it is but to dream of the world as it could be...